Inhouse Services

Comprehensive services are available in our workshop include; routine machine servicing, repairs, major component change and rebuild, maintenance and repair contracts, oil analysis and fixed priced servicing.

Operating Training

To ensure your equipment/machinery operates at peak performance, we offer tailored training solutions including basic machine familiarisation, maintenance procedures and operator training etc.

Field Service & Maintenance

Our dedicated mobile field service teams are ready to assist with your scheduled servicing needs whether you require maintenance on-site or at our fully equipped workshop facilities.

Customised Services

SM also offer specialised services such as undercarriage, bucket and GET inspection and repairs, paint booth facilities, servicing of all makes and other services upon request.

Oil Analysis Service

As high percentage of system failures were due to some form of oil contamination. We suggest regular oil sampling will allow you to detect any contamination early before it can cause a major and expensive failure to occur.